Flower Dripper 02 [for 2_4 cup]


CAFEC dripper made by manufacturer specializing in coffee with a measuring spoon made in Japan Dripper : AS resin (heat proof temperature : 101C Measuring spoon : Polypropylene (Heat proof temperature : 87C)

หมวดหมู่ : Makers Filter & Drip


Features of flower dripper 

  • Flower Ribs
Thank to the inside flower petal ribs, enough air layer can be formed between paper filter and dripper, it allows coffee grounds to expand fully like a cloth filter. 

  • Cone-Shape
Cone-shaped dripper can form deep filter layer, and it helps you to brew smooth and tasty coffee by letting water go around all over the grounds. 

  • Bottom Ribs

Ribs at the bottom make the taste stable by ensuring the way of coffee liquid. 


  • Easy-to-grip handle 
Fit the hand and easy to grip
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