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V60 Porcelain Dripper 1-4 cups  
V60 Ceramic Cone Dripper with spoon
Code : VCD-02
Brand : Hario
Type : V60 Porcelain Dripper For 1-4 cups
Normal Price :  890.00 บาท      
Description :
VCD-02 V60 Porcelain Dripper For 1-4 cups
Detail :

VCD-02 V60 Dripper For 1-4 cups Cone Shape - The cone adds depth to the coffee layer Large Single Hole - The big hole can change coffee taste by the speed of water flows. Spiral Ribs - Spiral ribs for maximum coffee expansion Made in Japan Material - Porcelain Measuring spoon - Polypropylene Heatproof temperature 120degC Dishwasher - safe How to brew Fold the paper filter along the seams and place inside the cone. Add coffee grounds (medium-fine grind) for your required servings and shake it lightly to level. *10-12 g is normally good for one serving (120ml). The attached measuring spoon = 12g / 1 spoon. Using freshly ground coffee is recommended. (Adjust proportions for a stronger or weaker brew) Take the boiling water off the flame. Wait for the boiling water to settle. Pour hot water slowly to moisten the grounds from the center to the outward with moving circular pattern. Wait for about 30 seconds until next pouring. Slowly start adding more water using the same speed, swirling motion as before. Make sure the water does not come in direct contact with the paper filter. Brewing should take 3 minutes. *Please use Hario V60 Coffee Paper Filter.



White V60 paper filter
ราคา: 220.00 บาท